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TC high speed autoclave (class B)

TC high speed autoclave (class B)

- Autoclave is a device for sterilizing contaminated instruments and instruments and reusing them for patients.

- high speed autoclave is very useful for deployment in operating rooms to increase sterile quality and improve and reduce nosocomial infections, which is being established in medical centers at a slower rate due to high prices.

- Due to the importance of sterility, it is considered as the heart of the hospital and in case of failure or malfunction of all surgeries and practical work of treatment is stopped.

  HTC autoclave

HTC autoclave

-HTC autoclave designed for operating rooms and direct use by operating room personnel.

-An autoclave is a device for sterilizing infected instruments and controlling the transmission of infection to patients.

-This device works with steam and pressure and does this by destroying the cell membrane of pathogens.

- It Operates at temperatures of 134-121-105 degrees Celsius and a pressure range of 1.1-2.2 bar

Laboos autoclave

Laboos autoclave

-Sterilization device for dental and medical instruments in desktop size and 23 liters by 134 steam and Class B method and 121 ° C Class B steam (with pre-vacuum and post-vacuum)

-To prevent the transmission of various diseases from person to person

-Class B dental autoclave in compliance with all international standards

oxydocile-PSA (oxygen generator)

Oxydocile-PSA (oxygen generator)

- Central oxygen generator by PSA method

- By absorbing nitrogen from the air and concentrating oxygen concentration and storing it in pressurized tanks, it provides the oxygen required by the hospital with a purity of over 90%.

- Modular system

 Waste sterilizer

Waste sterilizer

- Crushing and sterilizing (decontaminating) the infectious waste of medical centers

-Infectious waste disposal device is a device to eliminate pathogens, infectious waste and prevent the transmission of these agents through waste and leachate in it


Soon ....

Some of the products that will be added to the list of Asa Atbin products soon include artificial hands and a new series of dental autoclaves.









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