Ultra Clave -Super High Speed

This system performs fast Class-B sterilization of tools and instruments (wrapped or unwrapped) in the least possible total time (between 10 and 25 minutes) .
Pre-Vacuum: This entails using the pulse vacuum method to provide a vacuum (maximum -0.8 bar) for the purpose of driving out the air in the chamber.
Post-Vacuum: During this stage, a stronger, more prolonged vacuum is produced upon completion of sterilization for driving out the steam from the chamber and returning the chamber to its normal condition.
Elimination of pre-heating time as a result of implementing the Double-Chamber Technology in manufacturing the device
-     Six default programs which can be increased to 10 programs
-   Super  High speed Autoclave  (Ultra fast)
-    Total sterilization time for unwrapped instruments: 8-10 min(Total time)
-    Total sterilization time for wrapped instruments: 25-30 min(Total time)
-    Performing repetitious and Continuous Cycles
-    Conducting the Vacuum, Bowie & Dick, and Helix Tests
-    Smart steam generating boiler (tested to a pressure of 6 bars)
-    Smart automatic filling with water
-    German-made filament
-    Separate safety valve for the boiler
-    Fully stainless steel boiler tank
-    Smart water inlet control system
-    Water injection pump
-    Fully saturated steam without water droplets
-    Steam storage for fast sterilization cycles without intermittent stops between cycles
-    Temperature control with low heat tolerance by using sensors
-    Automatic pressure adjustment technology in accordance with the instruments being sterilized (to protect the device against overwork and double pressure)
-    Two safety valves for relieving extra pressure
-    Using three types of lock control for the door (mechanical, magnetic, and electrical) to improve safety
Electronic System
-    Using fully specialized developed by Iranian experts, TC-23 provides the possibility of software upgrade alongside technological advances.
-    Recording the general information for each program including date, time, /end time, discharging, sterilization, drying, pressure, temperature, etc,  throughout the program
-    Possibility of recording all sterilization stages on an Flash Memory.
-   HMI  Touchpad color display with the possibility to show sterilization messages or warnings, error messages, and device malfunction messages
-    Color change in the display monitor to make visible end of sterilization form a distance
-    Easy replacement of the door gasket by the user in the least possible time without any assistance from a technician
Guarantee: 24 months
After Sales Services: 10 years


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