High speed autoclave)Laboos)

  High speed autoclave (class B)

  •   Very easy and quick application
  • Pre-vacuum: Vacuum up to 0.8 bar using pulse vacuum (impulse vacuum method) before sterile step to remove the air inside the chamber
  • Post-vacuum: A strong and long-time vacuum step after finishing sterile step to remove vapor and changing chamber pressure into a normal condition
  •  A very robust dryer capable of executing an extra drying in each program.
  • Smart and automatic dehydration
  • Equipped with a German-made spiral element
  • All stainless steel boiler tank
  • With 6 default programs capable of increasing to 8 programs
  • With prion-134-121- (optional) cycles
  • Capable of upgrading program and updating based on new standards
  • Reduction of programs’ durations up to 20% of similar sets
  • Fully saturated vapor free from water particles
  • Reserving vapor for quick execution of sterile cycles
  • Registration of the whole information of a program including date, time to start and finish, discharge, sterile, dryer, and pressure and temperature, etc. in different steps of a program. Equipped with a a USB port to connect to a computer, registration of data of all cycles on a SD card
  • Touchpad color display capable of displaying sterile steps or warning messages, errors, and failures
  • Changing display color after finishing sterile steps and distinguishable from a far distance
  • Can be connected to a water tap using a filter without distilled water
  • Equipped with a water level sensor in boiler (vapor generator)
  • Automatic water discharge is performed conveniently by connecting water outlet to sewage
  • Automatic filling of water chamber.
  • With fully localized and exclusive software, Laboos has made possible continuous software upgrade of a set in proportion to technology advancement.
  • Equipped with an electric, magnetic, and mechanical door lock to improve safety
  • Equipped with two safety valves for pressure discharge
  • Employing the technology to protect against overheating
  • Licensed by Medical Equipment Office
  • Metal body with electrostatic paint coating
  • ABS view, heat and deformation resistant
  • A 10-Year-Guarantee for Chamber
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